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eye exercises for better vision

Your Eyesight – are there alternatives to wearing glasses? + The 3 Factors That Affect Your Eyesight

Last time at the Optometrist I asked him ‘What can I do to slow, or even reverse, my declining eyesight?’ His reply was, ‘Nothing, it’s the ageing process.’ – to which I answered ‘Surely there are some guidelines for maintaining good vision?’ When I received a reply to the negative I got a little bit skeptical. I searched and decided to trial a course by Better Vision, and wow was I surprised when I started.

Contained within were meditative exercises, simple, easy to do and very soothing practices, affirmations and many many ‘insights’ that totally changed the way I used my eyes. Before the course I utilised my eyes as simple mechanical ‘lenses’  to be used until they failed. After I praised, nurtured, massaged (yes!) and trained my eyes to integrate with my entire consciousness I must say that I have, indeed, created ‘better vision’.

If you care about your eyesight and are concerned about age-related decline then you may wish to investigate the Cambridge Institute for Better Vision.

If you are interested, here is an article:  THE THREE FACTORS THAT AFFECT YOUR EYESIGHT by Martin Sussman Founder and President of the Cambridge Institute For Better Vision

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David Payne

eye exercises for better vision