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I would like to share with you one of my favorite smoothies. It tastes deliciously exotic and is so good for you!

Each ingredient here has wonderful medicinal properties.


Always use the best ingredients possible! Local, organic, fair trade, unprocessed etc. to get the best results with your recipes.

~100-200 g mixed leafy greens

10-15 leaves of gotu kola

~ 500 g ripe pineapple with core

2-4 ripe lady fingers (or 1 ripe banana)

20 g of fresh turmeric root

20-30 g of fresh aloe vera gel

¼ -½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper

good quality water

Gotu Kola has been highly valued for many centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Ayuvedic tradition. Its diverse medicinal uses have led to it being called ‘a pharmacy in one plant’. The good news is, it is a beautiful ground cover and grows really well in Western Australia.

I use the core of the pineapple here because it is in the core where most of the enzymes of the pineapple are located. To process the core you will need a powerful high speed blender, otherwise your smoothie will be very stringy.

Be amazed at the healing magic of Turmeric. The powerful antioxidant in Turmeric – curcumin, will stain everything. It certainly helps to not peel the root, but make sure it is organic!

How lucky are we – for aloe vera, which has already been valued by the Egyptian for its healing properties – also loves growing in most areas of Australia. You can find a whole chapter on this plant in David Wolfe’s book Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future .

Only use the inner clear gel of the leaf and compost the skin (it is bitter and will give you the runs). Check out my picture on how to filet aloe vera.

With this smoothie blend the greens, turmeric and the pineapple first (with no or minimal water) to a smooth consistency. If your blender is not very powerful make sure to stop occasionally to avoid unnecessary heating, possibly add some ice.

photography by Marion Egger

There are no rules as in how much water to use, it really depends on how you like your smoothie, thick or thin?

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