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Green smoothie

The Number 1 way to supercharge your day

People often ask me what’s my Number 1-Tip, the single thing that can make the biggest difference today?

Well, apart from drinking the best water it is: … Greens, Greens, leafy greens. And more than you can consume in salads all day long!  And this is where the ingenious invention of the green Smoothie enters stage. A jug of green smoothie a day will change your life forever – you’ll never look back again.

I am happy if you’d like to try to prove me wrong, however you gotta give it a go first :o)

Now a myriad of research has been done, and countless testimonials of people who walk this path are found on the internet, however if you would like to delve deeper, the most groundbreaking books on this subject is from the Mother of The Green Smoothie Revolution, Victoria Boutenko

So why should we be drinking green smoothies?

The Chlorophyll – the green in plants – is the magic ingredient here.

Did you know that chlorophyll and  hemoglobin (the oxygen carrier in our blood) have a very similar biochemical composition? The only difference is that where the  hemin (a part of hemoglobin) has an atom of iron, chlorophyll has an atom of magnesium! This is why green smoothies are so powerful for purifying and building strong blood.

The green smoothie is a yummy healing elixir, full of enzymes, amino acids, fiber, minerals, antioxidants and much more. It is instantly available to you, without chewing greens all day.

It is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, giving you immediate energy without taking any away in the process of digestion. Now that is really rare!

There are virtually hundreds of recipes and combinations you can try, to suit the seasons and your taste-buds.

Generally we can say, one liter of smoothie includes about 200 grams of fresh, organic, leafy greens and 150 to 300 grams of seasonable organic fruit ( fruit can be more to start off with and reduced to virtually none, over time) plus good quality fresh water to top up. You can have your smoothie as thick or thin as you like.