Project Description

Healing BreathBy Roeli Joosten


Hands on Healing with Roeli Joosten in Perth.

Reiki / Quantum Touch / Energy Clearing/ Fengshui/ Theta Healing/ Animal Healing.

“ Before I became a healing practitioner I did theatre & trance dance all over the world .  When I used the hands on healing that I learned from masters over the years, I could feel the true magic & power of this energy and applied it in my work, theatre & dance.

Now I feel the need to do as much Hands on Healing as I can, to share this gift with others.  I also love to teach all I know , for I believe every one has a healer inside themselves, the gift within that needs to be discovered. I work with the golden light & life force energy.

It is a gentle way of treatment  with a great healing response. Working with this intelligent energy comes very natural to me. I live in a world where healing is real and valued.”

Get in contact with Roeli on 0449 695 534 or Email:



Déjà Vu

There is the art of the impossible

Of things that are but cannot be

And somehow seem strangely familiar

As we can see in some arts & designs

A small computer is quite limited

But connected to a great network

What a scope

We use only 1/10 of our brain

Link it up with all the rest

And you’ll be astonished.

A tiger in deer skin

Is not to be trusted

Politicians in monks robes

Are of the dangerous kind.

by Roeli