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‘Flower-Power’ Hibiscus, Tangelo & Nasturtium Smoothie

Recipe by Marion Egger


Here is a seasonal recipe using local flowers and greens. Wild edibles and flowers are exciting.


And they are extremely nutritious, organic and free.

*Apply common sense when harvesting and ask yourself the question: “Are they are grown in a place without exposure to chemicals or toxins.”


















Nasturtium leaves & flower                            Hibiscus flower and stem




For this recipe use:


3 juicy organic Tangelos

1+ Tangelo leaf

10 Hibiscus flowers with stems

8-10 green Nasturtium leafs

3 Nasturtium flowers

4 table spoons of Bee pollen

750 ml of Goji-water

(soak a handful of Goji berries in 750 ml of good water for at least 30 minutes up to overnight)


all photography by Marion Egger

Tangelos are a cross between the pomelo/grapefruit and a mandarin and we are lucky enough to have a wonderful tree in our backyard. You can substitute with other seasonal citrus fruit like the mandarin, orange, tangerine, grapefruit or a combination. Even though Tangelos are acidic in taste, they are like lemons and grapefruit, alkaline forming foods.

If you have never tried Nasturtiums please do so before you add them to your smoothie, to make sure you like them, the leaves and flowers have a strong and quite spicy, almost hot taste. You might like to start off with adding less. The Hibiscus is very mild and more of this flower can be added instead. Flowers, like leafy greens, are extremely alkalising and so are the bee pollen & goji’s.

The Goji-berries, “the Fountain of Youth” as David Wolfe calls them in his book Superfoods have been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine for their many therapeutical properties.

Now, this Smoothie is not just unusual, good-looking and tasty, it is a true alkalising medicinal food!

all photography by Marion Egger

Enjoy, In-Joy

:o) Marion