Project Description


This easy to make, Lemon-Garlic Elixir is an old recipe from German-Folk-Medicine.

It is a great and effective all round cleansing elixir and natural remedy. In Germany, garlic is used for the treatment of atherosclerosis (hardening or blocking of arteries). In clinical studies garlic has been identified to significantly lower cholesterol. Garlic has long been used for the prevention of infections, colds and flu. In fact, garlic is an outrageously powerful medicine and you can find much literature, old and new alike, on this subject. In addition the whole lemon supports our immune system by having an alkalising effect. It is also supplying us with more Vitamin C to fight off free radicals. The lemon zest has equally important healing compounds and increases enzymes in the liver.


To make the Lemon-Garlic Elixir you will need:

4 organic heads of garlic (40 cloves)
4 organic lemons with skin
2 liters of the best water

Cut lemons into ⅛ pieces with the skin and place in a food processor with the garlic cloves, no peeling required. Chop up into small pieces (see picture). However in the absence of a food processor just chop ingredients with a knife.

Transfer lemon-garlic mix into a pot and add 2 liters of fresh good water and stir together. Bring the mixture very slowly up to boiling point and turn the heat off immediately. Let the mixture cool down naturally. Once at room temperature, strain the liquid and fill into bottles. Store the elixir in the fridge. Discard the pulp.

photography by Marion Egger

It is recommended to have one shot glass per day of this elixir, 2 hrs before or after your main meal. Continue this for 3 weeks. Take a break for 1 week. Make a new mix and repeat for another 3 weeks.

After about 3 weeks you can feel a youthful regeneration of the whole body. This drink is especially beneficial against all forms of calcification, bad eyesight and hearing.
The garlic taste is neutralized by the lemon & zest, so there is no unpleasant after-smell. However it is a thick and strong brew, shake it before serving cooled in a shot glass. Cheers 🙂