Project Description


This bread is full of life and tastes sensational. It will give you energy and happiness 🙂

These measurements are just guidelines, be creative and exchange ingredients – use different sprouts, nuts, spices or herbs.

500 g fresh mung bean sprouts
200 g almonds
120 g raw cashew nuts
150 g pepitas
300 g golden linseed
70 g sun-dried tomatoes
4 fresh dates
4 small gloves of garlic
25 g fresh ginger
2 small onion
150 g fresh coriander
2 fresh chilies
60 g organic olive oil
50 g nutritional yeast
10 g Himalayan salt
5-7 g freshly ground cumin seed
cayenne pepper to taste
good quality water


You can use a food processor for this recipe and also any powerful blender like the Vitamix – I use a Thermomix.

There is no need to clean your machine during the preparation of the bread.

  • soak nuts and seeds (4 hrs or overnight – rinse/strain)
  • soak sundried tomato (~1 hr)
  • grind linseed, place in bowl and cover with water (~1 hr)
  • chop onion, garlic, ginger, chillies, coriander and celery in your food processor….smells amazing!
  • transfer to large mixing bowl
  • chop sprouts roughly (TM 5 sec/on 6). Transfer to same large mixing bowl
  • place dates, soaked tomatoes, strained pepitas and salt in (TM 5 sec/on 7), scrape down walls and add the soaking water from the tomatoes  (TM 9 sec/ on 8)
  • transfer to bowl
  • blend/grind drained almonds and cashews (TM 8 sec/ on 8), then add olive oil, nutritional yeast and ~200 g of water, blend till creamy (TM 20 sec/on 10). Transfer to bowl
  • now add the gelatinous linseed to the large mixing bowl and stir until all ingredients are well entwined
  • add cayenne to taste
  • spread out evenly (1 cm thick) on dehydrator racks with teflon sheets
  • score into suitable bite or sandwich sized pieces (optional) or use scissors later
  • sprinkle with whole cumin seed and/or chilli flakes if desired
  • place 2 hrs in dehydrator at 115 fahrenheit = 46C
  • then turn dehydrator down to 105 fahrenheit = 41C for ~16 hrs

This bread is slightly moist and soft. It is best kept in an airtight container in the fridge.

Recipe and photos by Marion Egger,