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Life-coaching with Susie Ascott


Present Perfect is a business dedicated to support us all to live a more joyful and fulfilling life. Susie combines her experience and training as both a Yoga instructor and practitioner, and a Life Coach, to facilitate, encourage and support your growth and transformation into the healthful and fulfilling life you really want. Read what Susi has to say about life & her business and get some insightful and free life-coaching right here, right now.

David and Marion the founders of Health Junction, expressed their Goal “to contribute to the natural healing and well-being of all of us and our planet.” I feel blessed and humbled to be invited to contribute to this mission.

At Present Perfect, our vision is of a world filled with joy and laughter, where people work and play together in a spirit of co-operation and mutual support. My personal mission is to be and spread joy and serenity, and my personal goal is to grow “younger” and more vital with each passing year.

I combine my experience and training as both a Yoga instructor and practitioner, and a Life Coach, to facilitate, encourage and support your growth and transformation into the healthful and fulfilling life you really want.

Life Coaching

In today’s world it is so easy to become focused on where we are going rather than enjoying where we are right now. We sacrifice today in the hope of a better future, only to discover that achievement rarely leads to true joy. Why not live an extraordinary life now? With a clear vision of our direction and the attributes and characteristics of our desired future, we can come back to the present, enjoy now, and have a vibrant and fulfilling life.

Present Perfect’s Rules for Life

I believe that whilst we are each unique we are all connected and subject to the same fundamental laws of the universe.

Life isn’t meant to be a struggle, if we are struggling then this is a sign that something is out of alignment

Maybe we are struggling to achieve SOMEONE ELSE’S goals, what I term the ’shoulds’ and ‘ought-tos’

Perhaps we aren’t living to our real priorities. How many of us have taken the time to clarify what is really important to us and set up our lives to reflect these priorities?

Perhaps all that is needed is a change of attitude, a review of our definition of success

Perhaps if we showed ourselves a little more care and patience we would see that a few small changes would make all the difference.

Life is simpler and more enjoyable when we accept responsibility for everything in our life.

By responsibility I don’t mean to suggest that we are to blame or guilty. I am suggesting that we consider cultivating the ability to respond; ie to be response-able. Until we take responsibility and own our issues we can’t do much about them, and we are left to be a victim or a puppet.

The Law of Attraction states that we attract people, situations and opportunities to us. Life doesn’t necessarily happen randomly, but that at some level, we are influencing the experiences and results of our lives. It’s hard to explain how it works, but you can learn how to use it. Simply put, we get what we focus on. If we want to use the Law of Attraction to attract what we want, then we need to think of the Law of Attraction as the “Practice of Feeling Good.” Be Grateful For What You Have. When you are grateful for and truly appreciate what you already have, you will attract more to you.

“Eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired Life isn’t meant to be a struggle.

True success is as much about enjoying the journey as it is about reaching our destination.

Clearly visualise your desired future and yet don’t be so attached to the outcome that you lose sight of the joy and opportunities of the process

Perfect the present:

clean up all the little things you are putting up with, the things that drain your energy

throw away everything that no longer supports you,

create the perfect environment to support you

NOW is all there is

Death is inevitable; sorry to be so blunt. It may very well be that our essence or soul lives on after our body has gone, however, to truly live in the Now, we have to accept our mortality. To paraphrase Wayne Dyer, We came from NOWHERE, to NOW HERE, and we will return to NOWHERE.

Let go of the past. The past is always in you, in the sense that it has made you who you are. Learn the lessons from the past, but don’t get attached to your stories

Don’t live FOR or IN the future.

Give up worrying — as my son says “I don’t worry Mum, it’s not much fun and it doesn’t do any good anyway.”  Remember, if you live with people who don’t worry, resist the temptation to do their worrying for them !

Live fully in the present. Be grateful, be focussed. Enjoy the NOW for the gift it is, that’s why it’s called the Present.


Who is there, in your life, who champions and supports you without an agenda of their own?

“A personal life coach is someone who understands the dream in your heart, and sings it to you when you have forgotten the words.”

This is your life and I believe you have your own answers on what you want that life to look like. As your coach I won’t do it for you, but it will be easier and more fun to achieve with a coach as a partner

My clients come from all walks of life and you are each unique, however, we all share a desire to enjoy the journey as well as the destination. My perfect clients are ready to make some changes and become spectacular individuals.

My coaching style, like my lifestyle, is relaxed and yet still focussed. I believe that life isn’t meant to be a struggle. If you are looking for a coach who is going to encourage you to continue to stress, struggle and strive for end results with no thought for the enjoyment of the process, then I am not the right coach for you. If you want to achieve your dreams AND enjoy the journey, then let’s talk! Contact Susie to organise a complimentary coaching conversation.


How Perfect is Your Life?

I wake up every morning full of energy and enthusiasm for the day ahead

I have plenty of time

It is easy for me to list 100 things I am grateful for

There is no-one I dread bumping into

I have a good relationship with Money; it’s a good friend to me

I am totally healthy or confidently addressing any health issues I have

I can easily list 25 ways to enjoy myself, and they are a natural part of my life

I start and end the day in a way which is nourishing and pleasurable

My thoughts, feelings and actions resonate in harmony with each other

I attract, notice and respond to opportunites

I don’t do “shoulds”

I easily recognise and own my feelings

I am discerning not judgemental

I treat myself with love, kindness, and compassion

I take the time to listen, consider and respond, rather than react, to other people and situations

I know how to access my intuition

Life flows easily for me

My environment supports me

What is the one action you could take right now which would make the biggest positive difference to you life?

What is stopping you?



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