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What is Rejuvelac?

Rejuvelac is a lightly fermented, refreshing drink made from sprouted wheat  (and/or other grains). Rejuvelac is cheap and easy to make and offers many benefits to the intestinal tract and generally aids  with healthy digestion.

Rejuvelac has lactic acid and supports the body’s development of healthy, friendly bacteria in the gut, replenishing intestinal microflora. It  contains high levels of enzymes, addressing this major, modern day deficiency. Rejuvelac is generally very nutritious  and full of vitamins like  B complex vitamins, E and C.


Rejuvelac can be enjoyed by itself, it is a great base for smoothies and a very effective starter for nut yoghurts and cheeses. I also use Rejuvelac to ferment Spirulina and Chlorella, which can then be used in smoothies.


How to make your Rejuvelac?


You will need:


1 cup of organic wheat (grains, berries)

3x approx.1.5 – 2 liters of fresh clean filtered Water (or ideally Spring-water)


**Place wheat in a jar, cover with water and soak overnight (~8hrs +)

**Strain and rinse the soaked wheat and put back in the jar.

**Keep the jar covered with a secured muslin and rinse the wheat about 2 times a day, so the wheat won’t dry out.

**Do this for 2-3 days until the wheat has sprouted and developed roots (see pictures)

**Place the sprouted and rinsed wheat in a large jug and fill with water.

**Depending on the temperature the fermentation will take 24-48 hrs.

**You will notice, the water has gone milky and has a light layer of froth on the surface.

**Decant the Rejuvelac and reuse the wheat up to 2 more times.

**This refreshing beverage will last in the fridge for up to 1 week. It is slightly fizzy and tangy.


photography by Marion Egger


Rejuvelac made by the Mother of living foods, Ann Wigmore: