Project Description

Make this yummy Raw Strawberry Pudding in the evening and enjoy in the morning for a supercharged Breakfast.


Photography by Marion Egger


Please be playful and creative with my recipes, measurements can be varied and adjusted.



17 big Strawberries

3 tablespoons Raw Cacao Nibs

4     “        “   Chia Seeds

3     “        “   Dried shredded Coconut

2     “        “   Coconut Oil

1     “        “   Mesquite

2     “        “   Good Water

10-12 drops of liquid Stevia extract (if you wish to add more sweetness)

pinch of good quality salt (celtic sea salt, himalayan salt, hand harvested sea salt)



Blend the strawberries by themselves to a liquid, enjoy the colour :o)

Add cacao nibs, coconut, coconut oil, mesquite, the chia seeds and water, salt & stevia. Give it only a short blast in the blender, you want the cacao nibs to still be in little bits.


Transfer straight into individual glasses or a bowl (with lid would be ideal) and decorate with more fresh strawberries, coconut and cacao nibs.

Cover and place in the fridge for several hours or overnight. It is worth waiting for the chia seeds to have a few hours to soak in the strawberry juices.

:o) Enjoy