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If we are interested in health, wellbeing and eating the best food, we must consider the quality of the water we choose to consume. After all our bodies are, to a large percentage, water. Dehydration is a major contributing factor to the aging process. Babies’ bodies comprise approx. 90% water, and over a lifetime we may reduce to 55%. We literally shrivel up. Water is also a major tool for detoxification. If we are hydrated, the body’s ability to dilute and eliminate toxins is greatly enhanced.

So what are the different options on offer to us? Isn’t all water virtually the same?
What qualities are we looking for in water?

In a perfect world we would have easy access to fresh water from the source of an icy cold, virgin spring. Such water is pure and electrically charged, full of ‘life energy’ and rich in minerals. Unfortunately this is not a realistic proposition for many people, so we need to look at other options.

Tap water
In Australia tap water is a chemically-enhanced brew, an industrialised product rather than a food product. It is laced with dangerous, cancer-causing chemicals like chlorine, fluoride and many others. If we choose to drink this we continue to poison, dehydrate and toxify our body. I can’t blame people for not wanting to drink water if this is our only option, it often smells of chemicals and mostly won’t quench our thirst.

Reverse Osmosis (RO)
This process works almost too well to remove these chemicals! Further, it will also completely de-structure the water and remove all minerals, leaving the water ‘dead’. If we drink RO-water it will leach minerals from our body, bones and teeth. This water acidifies and dehydrates us.

Rain Water
In fact rainwater is very similar to RO water. Rain water is great for our skin (showering and washing our hair), but not for drinking, because it is naturally acidic and devoid of minerals.

Bottled Water
A significant item of pollution on this planet is discarded plastic water bottles, with less than 50% being recycled. Some of the contents of these bottles could be: RO water; filtered municipal water supply (‘tap’ water), filtered fortified spring water or groundwater; or rainwater.  Bottled water is a highly unregulated industry world-wide!
Soon after the plastic bottles are blown they are filled. There is only a short-to-no holding period to allow for de-gassing of volatile plastic compounds, that are then absorbed by the bottled water (to be ‘safer’ we would need to wait 1 year before filling.) These chemicals are a major source of ‘bad’ estrogen, which is a significant cause of breast cancer and other known health issues.

Filtered Tap Water
You are better off filtering your own tap water. What sort of filters you need will depend on where you live. You will need to make enquiries regarding the best way to filter your local tap water whilst not depleting its valuable minerals.  In Australia I recommend a reputable fluoride and chlorine filter at a minimum. Other filters may also be needed.
You may contact me for recommended suppliers.

At home I have a whole of house water filter system, so every tap and shower delivers chemical and odour- free water, giving me peace of mind.

But is this filtered tap water full of ‘life energy’, capable of detoxifying and healing us? – No, not yet. To achieve that we use a special medical device from Japan, the Enagic Leveluk, which produces Kangen water (Kangen – meaning ‘return to origin’).

Kangen water
has a strong negative charge – increasing our cellular voltage;
is highly alkaline with bio-available minerals;
is hydrogen-rich, meaning it is a potent antioxidant; and
has smaller clusters of water molecules than other water, therefore resulting in greater penetration and easier absorption by our bodies. For example  the absorption rate of ordinary water is only 12%-17% by weight, whilst for Kangen water it is up to 80%.

I am a reseller of these excellent machines. I have witnessed the incredible health benefits Kangen water offers – for myself personally, my family, and many of my clients.
Please visit my website: or contact me for more information on this Medical device. If you are living in Perth, Western Australia, I invite you to participate in a free, 21 day Kangen water trial, so you can taste and feel the difference for yourself.


Kangen Water