Project Description

Photograph by Marion Egger


Wholistic Life Coach – Miriam Schafer

I love to work with my clients as multi-dimensional beings. If there is a physical ailment present, then we will explore the emotional and psychological components behind it, which hastens the healing process. If there is more of a spiritual concern, then we will journey together at a more soulful level.


Often there is healing of relational cords, the ties that bind us with the significant relationships in our life. Sometimes it is appropriate for these to be cleaned and strengthened; other times they will ask to be removed, to enable a fresh new start.


I enjoy weaving into my client sessions the “north node”, a part of the astrological chart which mirrors your soul’s purpose this lifetime. This also provides valuable information about your unique gifts and talents…. the “essence” that lives within the core of your being.

So, my approach to health and well-being is very much a holographic one, where each piece of your personal jigsaw puzzle has meaning and purpose, and creates a bigger picture than first meets the eye. I find the big picture very exciting!

This is just a “taste” of how I combine life coaching with the advanced hands-on modality of Brennan Healing Science.

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Sessions available in-person (Noosa Heads, QLD) and at a distance (by phone / skype).