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Chaga & Reishi Mushroom extract

Feed Your Immune System

REISHI MUSHROOMS are one of the most revered herbs in traditional Chinese Medicine. Reishi, known as “Ling Zhi” in China, was referred to as the “herb of spiritual potency” and the “ten thousand year mushroom.” References to reishi extract’s use go back as far as 100 B.C. […]

The Ultimate Raw Nutrition Certificate

You’re going to LOVE David Wolfe’s Nutrition Certification program! […]

Cambridge Institute For Better Vision

Your Eyesight – are there alternatives to wearing glasses? + The 3 Factors That Affect Your Eyesight

Last time at the Optometrist I asked him ‘What can I do to slow, or even reverse, my declining eyesight?’ His reply was, ‘Nothing, it’s the ageing process.’ – to which I answered ‘Surely there are some guidelines for maintaining good vision?’ When I received a reply to the negative I got a little bit skeptical. I searched and decided to trial a course by Better Vision, and wow was I surprised when I started.


Raw Chef Online Dessert Course

Are you interested in creating professional, delicious raw food desserts? […]

BodyMindNutrition 101

What are the keys that unlock your renewal biology for magnificent outcomes? […]

Raw Chef Online Home-study Course

Are you interested in creating professional raw food cuisine?

Russel James – The Raw Chef – offers great video home-study courses that are fantastic and will polish your skills.