Sushi á lo Vera

Raw sushi with aloe vera and sprouted buckwheat


Raw ‘Lebkuchen’ – The Ultimate Raw Christmas Cookie Ever!

Lebkuchen means ‘Life Cake’ or ‘Pepper Cake’. I come originally from Nürnberg, the Christmas Capital in Germany.


Super-Immunity Truffles


These little ‘medicine balls’ are a fun and potent way to deliver super nutrition effectively.

The ingredients are carefully selected for their ability to support our immune system and build a natural stress defense shield.


Delicious Anti-Inflammatory / Anti-Cancer Smoothie


I would like to share with you one of my favorite smoothies. It tastes deliciously exotic and is so good for you!

Each ingredient here has wonderful medicinal properties.


Lemon Garlic Elixir


This easy to make, Lemon-Garlic Elixir is an old recipe from German-Folk-Medicine.

Live Sprouted Mung Bean and Nut Bread


This bread is full of life and tastes sensational. It will give you energy and happiness 🙂



What is Rejuvelac?

Strawberry ‘Chocolate Chip’ Breakfast Pudding

Make this yummy Raw Strawberry Pudding in the evening and enjoy in the morning for a supercharged Breakfast.


Delicious Raw Chocolate, Avocado Cake

Delicious Raw Chocolate Cake

Here are 2 different variations of the recipe with the same ingredients. It is hard to believe that this not a sinful chocolate fudge cake but actually a healthy alternative.